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deCastro Painting Awarded and Featured for 911

Posted by on 4/12/2009

de Castro’s, Statue of Liberty, New York, Awarded & Featured for 9/11.   Bj.’s oil painting, Statue of Liberty, New York, is awarded the Medal of Honor & featured in tribute to the tragedy of Sept. 11th in New York and on the Twin Towers.  *On a personal note by the artist, “Of all the honors and awards that my art has garnered me, this is one that I hold with great personal pride.  My visit to New York was, actually, many years prior to the events on 9-11.  However, the initial compositional phase of this painting, started just before the awful tragedy.  My heart was so full of tears…I could not work on it.  It was set aside and not completed, until 2003.  Never in my work, has my passion morphed into something-so powerful, that I doubted my ability to finish the piece.  This piece started out as an expression of a special place that I had traveled to-and ended, as a representation of all that Lady Liberty stands for.  I am humbled to have met her.”  Please view the beautiful tribute and award.

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