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Meet The Artist

“As a photo realism artist working vibrant transparent layers into my art paintings , it can take over a hundred hours to finish each piece of artwork. My passion is realism and I followed it through the mediums of pencil, charcoal, pastel, watercolor and oils. Reading the eyes of animals, for years, gave way to telling stories of travels-through the portraiture of beautiful and historical places visited. I hope my art is a reminder of your own story there, or, encourages you to go make one”…bj

“Success follows your passion, so brave your life a smile”………….bj.

“There are different opinions, as to where an artist’s desire is born. Some say, “a schooled regimen”, and others prefer…’a gift from God’, ‘a natural talent’, or, ‘an over-active right side’. Personally, I believe that everyone is born with a specific passion to help them with a life that smiles. I encourage ‘I hate my life-ers’ to believe in their’s. Passion has no respect for time. Learning, practice, failures and success all seem to take simple moments. My passion is art. Perhaps, because the essence of art is sharing. I invite you to come share in mine and show me your own passion!”…bj.

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