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Ask Bj.

I get many emails from fellow artists with questions about all aspects of art and the business. I will be posting the ones that I feel will help others here and encourage everyone to read through them for inspiration or help. Please feel free to add your own two cents in the comments, or, post your own question. If I don’t have the answer, perhaps another member will.

Use your mouse to test emails for Scams!

Just a reminder and/or a tip…simply place your mouse over the link in your email without clicking.  Then look at the bottom of your application window in the left hand corner….

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What is a link farm? Should I submit?

“Bj…would you take a look at this link request and tell me if it is a good thing?” Good morning! If you click on the link and go to the page, you will see that what they are offering you is an EIGHT page-deep link farm.  *Remember what I told you about SE spiders only … Continue reading »

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Art Fakes

It is unfortunate and absolutely NOT a compliment that Bj. de Castro’s Fine Art Paintings and Prints are being forged.  In order to protect unsuspecting buyers and decastroart’s International Copyright Law Rights, we are going to start listing the offenders below.

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Working with Online Galleries

Showing your art online with an Internet Art Gallery “Bj., do you find it positive to show online with the Internet Art Galleries, what are my options, how do I choose and what about sales?” The very first time I did a seach-right after I finished my first website, I found only a handful of … Continue reading »

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How to tell if it is an Original, Reproduction or Print?

There are a lot of ways to tell if a piece is a reproduction or an original, especially to a trained artist. If you are not an artist, but rather a collector, let me tell you about a few things that anyone could look for. As far as authenticity, if you determine that it is … Continue reading »

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Help with promotion & selling

Good day. This is Sergey from RUSSIA. My Dad, Vasilij Belikov, was the artist. He has created a lot of beautiful oil paintings. In 1994 he died. Unfortunately the artist is almost unknown among the connoisseurs, collectors and lovers of art. So I am trying now to acquaint the world with his art through Internet. … Continue reading »

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Information on value of Ted Lewy Watercolor Paintings

I am looking for information on Ted Lewy watercolor paintings. I have three paintings signed and dated by Ted Lewy and an looking for a value for insurance . Do you have any information on him or can you lead me to someone who does? email Jill

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How did you find yourself?

Hi, I wanted to tell you that you are an inspiration to me as i too am a self taught artist. I do not have your success and have just recently begun to think about trying to expand my horizons into the art field. I only work in oils and have labored many hours to … Continue reading »

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