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“..the oak tree in Oak & Morgan Stance”

Posted by on 6/28/2011

Thank you for your excellent service, Bj.  The print arrived yesterday in perfect condition.  It is, indeed, beautiful.  I will have it framed shortly.  I must tell you that the element most magnificent to my eye (I am a biologist, not an artist 🙂 ), is the live oak tree.  I have always been in awe of the massiveness of their lateral branches, defying gravity.  By most laws of physics, they should crash to the earth long before they reach those amazing diameters.  The Morgan horse is beautiful, too, of course, and the individually painted blades of grass are just perfect.  All in all, I feel privileged to own your print.  Best wishes for continued success.  I look forward to following your work…….Geri Guidetti, CEO and Director of The Ark Institute, a botanical Noah’s ark.

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