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Hover over link first

Posted by on 1/25/2007

Use your mouse to test emails for Scams!

Wednesday 28 June 2006 @ 6:54 am

Just a reminder and/or a tip…simply place your mouse over the link in your email without clicking.  Then look at the bottom of your application window in the left hand corner…. 

Here you will see the ‘actual’ Internet address.  Compare it to the link that is typed in the message or the linked word.

I.e.  On eBay and Paypal scam emails, the link will lead you to believe that you need to sign in and give them your account credit card.  However, if you hover over the word or link and look at the bottom…you will find that the link actually goes to some address like:

*btw – both of the above companies will ALWAYS have your account name at the top of official and legit emails.  Never – ‘Dear Paypal User’.

Most people do not understand that the first words after the www. is the domain or subdomain that they will be going to.  Scammers count on this.  So when they make these temporary sites, it is usually something like:  www.

Then…unknowing clickers see the word ‘ebay’ and ‘member’ (or the like) and think it is legitimate.

If you don’t have the hover option in your email program for some reason, you can right click on the link and see the ‘Properties’.  Or, you can go to your top menu >> Click File >> Click Properties.

Hope this helps!
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