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Bye-bye Art Scam Category

Posted by on 11/6/2006

I started the Art Scams blog because of the horrible stories I had emailed to me from fellow artists and there were no warnings posted anywhere at the time.  Now, there are much larger art networks that have taken the torch with greater success on a grander scale.  There is no more need for my whimpy blog, anymore.

In all honesty, I am just getting too old to deal with the ‘backlash’.  I also simply do not have the time to keep up with it – being only one person.  It is much better suited for a large network of individuals that can share the load of responding, handle the insults and deal with the legal threats.  Yes.  Even bad guys have lawyers.

There are many, many sites RSSing this one, so I will apologize in advance for the,  now, ‘bad links’.  For you to recognize my work has always been an honor.

However…I will continue to add some of the daily ‘Ask Bj.’ emails that I get to the category here with the same name.  Many of these deal with art, help for artists, art scam issues, spam and website scams, computer and art business tips, selling art of eBay and any other general art help I can offer.  I will not be posting the actual scam email any longer.

You can find all other webmaster, web design, SEO tips tricks answers and advice in my Website Help category.  If I don’t know the answer, I can certainly send you in the right direction toward fellow colleagues for their help.


“Success follows your passion…so brave your life a smile!”…bj.

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