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Morgan Shadoah, charcoal, goes to Italy

Posted by on 9/9/2003

Morgan Shadoah, original charcoal painting by Bj. deCastro“Hi Bj.  Any new sketches?  One of your sketches (the one with Shadoah sort of coming out of the tree) went to Italy!  A very good friend of Steve’s Aunt came to visit.  She told us, her riding instructor brought the first 4 Morgan horses over to Europe.  Andyway, she rides Morgans and fell in  love with Shadoah.  I gave her the sketch andd it is now in Italy.

The sketch of Clarion under the oak tree is being given to a very good friend of mine and Laura Algranti (who owns Clarion) and lives in TX.

I am never giving up the one of MS and Mister.  Just thought you would be interested to know.  ;)  I can’t wait to see what else you come up with.”

Wendy LeGate

(Morgan breeder and one of my art patrons.  You can see these paintings in the deCastro Gallery)

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